Making the Warrior Spirit

By N. Placek

After 3 months of painstaking preparations, followed by an exhilarating 15 hour shoot, we’re finally on the tail end of our Viking/Game of Thrones-inspired Kurv magazine editorial! In an effort that required an uninhibited model, light-hearted stylist, undeterred art director, 3 photographer’s assistants, a reluctant horse, and the cooperation of an uninvited beach-bum, Joseph and his team are putting the finishing touches on the beautiful photos from the day.

When scrolling through image after image of the stunning Luana, radiant in Dolce and Gabbana, it’s easy to forget the less glamorous hours that got us to Fort Tilden Beach.  There was the test of our individual strengths, when we took turns hauling the 100 lb generator through the streets of Brooklyn, and the test of patience when Joey personally scoured New York City to find a Cinderella worthy, snow-white horse (not an easy feat in the Concrete Jungle). There was the meticulous, detailed process of choosing of the model, hand-picked from hundreds of Agency options, as well as the three separate trips out to Fort Tilden Beach, where we scrutinized the dunes for the perfect backdrop.  The only detail of the Kurv shoot we overlooked was sunscreen, watching each other succumb to awkward tan-lines, and desperately daydreaming about SPFanything.

But here we are, 2 months until the photos are published in Kurv, and 4 months since this concept was first being casually discussed, just an idea thrown around as something that might be fun to shoot at the beach.  The horse was returned, the sunburn has faded, and it’s safe to say the work was definitely worth it!  We are thrilled with the finished products, and can’t wait to see them in 12 pages of glossy perfection.  In the meantime, we’ll keep our nose to the grindstone, gearing up for the next big project, including another Kurv editorial in April.  Keep your eye on us for upcoming shoots, and images, and make sure to mark your December calendar for our big launch!